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UK Photographers Rights

This is intended to provide a short UK guide to the main legal restrictions on the right to take photographs and the right to publish photographs that have been taken in the UK.

The guide was written by Linda Macpherson LL.B, Dip. L.P., LL.M  is a freelance legal consultant specializing in Media Law and Intellectual Property Law. She is also a part-time law lecturer and has presented seminars on law for photographers.

The guide is a 2 page PDF, it will print out front and back of an A4 page allowing you to make leaflets to hand out. The guide is intended as an overview of the current legal situation in the UK for photographers, it is not a definitive bible of UK law.

Areas Covered:

  • Restrictions On The Right To Take Photographs.
  • Private Property.
  • Restrictions on Photography In Certain Public Places.
  • Harassment And Invasion Of Privacy.
  • Photographs Of Children.
  • Obstruction And Public Order.
  • National Security.
  • Court Proceedings.
  • Wildlife.
  • Copyright And Trademarks.
  • Bank Notes.

Thanks to Linda Macpherson for this short but informative breakdown of the rights to take photos in the UK. (Written 30th March 2009).

Source: http://www.sirimo.co.uk/2009/05/14/uk-photographers-rights-v2
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