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The Bird Man

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Kelvinside, originally uploaded by MJ.C Photography.

“Sometimes when we are too busy running around immersed in our own little worlds we walk right past things and events that are rather special.”

This mentally retarded fellow was
busy feeding the pigeons at the side of the walkway in a busy park in Glasgow, “nothing strange about that” I hear you say.
As I walked towards him I could hear him say “A bit for you, A bit for me” as he fed the pigeons and himself, then he shouted at one of the pigeons for taking to much bread and not sharing.
I approached him and asked how he was doing, he replied “I’m ok and so are the birds”. After a 5 min chat with the guy I realized that although feeding the birds is very important to him, the main reason he was there in a big park in the middle of Glasgow was for human interaction something that only happens “Every wee while”, he said.

As I got to my feet I asked him if I could take his photo he said ” Take their photo too” and pointed to the birds and laughed. I took this photo and turned away, as I walked along the walkway he shouted “Hey mate, thanks for talking to me” I replied “Any time”.

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