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Photography Rut

What is a photography rut ?

I have not really photographed much over the last few months and was thinking why, is it there is nothing to take photos of or maybe everything you take a photo of has all ready been done. It could be both but then I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that it was just the simple fact that family comes first.

Over the last few months there has been a lot of things happening within my family circle and sometimes you forget all about your camera because there is so much going on. But in the back of your mind you walk around looking at the world in a different perspective than all those around you, it is what I call “looking through square glasses”. I walk around the house, the streets, even the shopping centers framing up shots in my mind, working out composition and exposure.

So what is happening ?

I think about photography all the time, I have a good camera that I know how to use but no photos…… Hmmm something not right here. How many times, when your out and about and suddenly you see a shot and think, “Damn I wish I had my camera with me” my answer is “lots of times” and I think that is my problem. I need to carry my camera about with me much more often.

Only the other day I had family staying at my house and there was a lot of coming and going, busy busy busy, but within all the hustle and bustle I seen a great photo that had been taken by another family member and straight away I thought “Great photo for an advert”.

The scene was, my niece’s baby Casey was sitting on the living room floor playing with his toys, rolling about and laughing. In the kitchen was aunt Isobel and she was baking cakes, when she had finished with her Chocolate Fudge Icing someone had the great idea to give Casey a big spoon and the tin of chocolate fudge. Suddenly realizing how messy things could get they stripped him off and sat him on a towel and let him loose, it was brilliant. The little man loved every minute of it, but in the middle of all the confusion, laughter and photographs someone had taken a photo that just stood out.


Whats my conclusion ?

Well I think that there is no such thing as a “Photo Rut”, everyday there is plenty of opportunity’s to take photos but if you don’t have your camera to hand then how can you capture that shot. Wear You Camera Like A Necklace.

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