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Hurricane Bawbag

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Born and bred in Scotland I was proud to see my fellow country men & women flippantly stick their two fingers up at the hurricane force winds that battered Scotland on the 8th December 2011. Winds reaching 80 mph in populated areas and 165 mph at the top of the Cairngorm mountains ripped through Scotland for about 14 Hours, but it was the sense of humour of the Scottish people that went through the Internet’s Social Media networks like a storm.

The Met Office released a red alert weather warning on the 7th December the first ever to be issued for wind in the United Kingdom


On the 8th of December whilst Scotland was being battered with the now known Cyclone Friedhelm, on the social network Twitter a little known person from Scotland wrote this:

“#scotstorm should be renamed “Hurricane Bawbag”.. #HurricaneBawbag is on the way folks be prepared !!”

Mel's Original Tweet

Her name was Mel Fraser, little did she know what she had just started. Within 1-2 hours the Twitter hash tag #HurricaneBawbag was trending and was top of the Worldwide Trend list. Its was so popular that Wikipedia had made a page about Hurricane Bawbag

The word Bawbag is a Scottish slang word for a man’s scrotum, the sack that holds the testicles. But in Scotland it’s a word that is used to:
Insult People: “Your a fucking bawbag”
Say Hello To Others: “Aw right bawbag”
Refer To Someone As An Idiot: “See that wee Jimmy, he acts like a bawbag”

The momentum of this hash-tag #HurricaneBawbag, was fuelled with witty patter and banter from the Scottish Twitter community. Over the next 48 hrs there where thousands of tweets from around the globe all commending the attitude the Scottish people had towards mother nature, the ability to laugh and joke about ourselves is what gives Scots their unique sense of humour admired around the world.

Below is some of the most popular Tweets:


As the day went on a guy called Conor Guichan was standing at his window video recording the Bawbags destructive force when this happend:

Conor’s video went viral across Youtube and Facebook it then got the remix treatment from the Youtube community and the Sun newspaper. He is now known as the “OMG Trampoline” guy.

Both Mel & Conor have now been all over the News networks all over the UK.

Well Done Mel & Conor.

Mel’s Twitter Page
Mel’s Original Tweet
Conor’s Facebook Page
Conor’s Original Video
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