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Hurricane Bawbag

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Born and bred in Scotland I was proud to see my fellow country men & women flippantly stick their two fingers up at the hurricane force winds that battered Scotland on the 8th December 2011. Winds reaching 80 mph in populated areas and 165 mph at the top of the Cairngorm mountains ripped through Scotland for about 14 Hours, but it was the sense of humour of the Scottish people that went through the Internet’s Social Media networks like a storm.

The Met Office released a red alert weather warning on the 7th December the first ever to be issued for wind in the United Kingdom


On the 8th of December whilst Scotland was being battered with the now known Cyclone Friedhelm, on the social network Twitter a little known person from Scotland wrote this:

“#scotstorm should be renamed “Hurricane Bawbag”.. #HurricaneBawbag is on the way folks be prepared !!”

Mel's Original Tweet

Her name was Mel Fraser, little did she know what she had just started. Within 1-2 hours the Twitter hash tag #HurricaneBawbag was trending and was top of the Worldwide Trend list. Its was so popular that Wikipedia had made a page about Hurricane Bawbag

The word Bawbag is a Scottish slang word for a man’s scrotum, the sack that holds the testicles. But in Scotland it’s a word that is used to:
Insult People: “Your a fucking bawbag”
Say Hello To Others: “Aw right bawbag”
Refer To Someone As An Idiot: “See that wee Jimmy, he acts like a bawbag”

The momentum of this hash-tag #HurricaneBawbag, was fuelled with witty patter and banter from the Scottish Twitter community. Over the next 48 hrs there where thousands of tweets from around the globe all commending the attitude the Scottish people had towards mother nature, the ability to laugh and joke about ourselves is what gives Scots their unique sense of humour admired around the world.

Below is some of the most popular Tweets:


As the day went on a guy called Conor Guichan was standing at his window video recording the Bawbags destructive force when this happend:

Conor’s video went viral across Youtube and Facebook it then got the remix treatment from the Youtube community and the Sun newspaper. He is now known as the “OMG Trampoline” guy.

Both Mel & Conor have now been all over the News networks all over the UK.

Well Done Mel & Conor.

Mel’s Twitter Page
Mel’s Original Tweet
Conor’s Facebook Page
Conor’s Original Video


November 10, 2011 2 comments

Well I am proud too announce my two boys graduated from there HNC Interactive Media Course.

Jamie & Mark

It was one of those moments in life where you think,

“all the hard work as parents has paid off.”

It was an early morning start and we had to be at Glasgow University  for 9:00am so the boys could collect their robes and get their official photographs done before the ceremony started. As we walked up towards the Uni Mark was a bit apprehensive,

“There is no one going to be here, whats the point, I don’t see anyone else in a robe.”

I could tell he was starting to get nervous. Jamie just went with the flow as he does, but when Jamie gets nervous he tends to go a little quiet.

As we entered the building I just led the way knowing that the boys would follow my lead, we walked up a few flights of stairs and into a hall where they were to collect the robes. I looked at Mark and I could see the relief in his face when he saw a room full of people in Suits and robes, Jamie just had a little smirk on his face as if to say,

“Good we are not the only one’s.”

They joined the Que of other graduates waiting to collect their robes and the place was buzzing with excitement. As they put on their robes and turned around, I looked at Annmarie my wife, she had a smile on her face that said it all, this was the moment she had been talking about all year.

The boys went through to get their official photographs and I went out side to look for my Mum, Dad and Sister who had come along to see the boys graduate. I seen Kay my sister, first and told her where she could find Annmarie and the boys then I met my Mum & Dad and took them through to the hall where the photos were being taken, by the time we got into the hall Mark & Jamie had already been photographed and were ready to go to the main ceremony hall.

Glasgow University Main Ceremony Hall

We quickly found some seats and the boys were told where they were to sit. I looked around and was thinking,

“I need to get a better position for photographs.”

I could see down the right hand side that there were empty seats below the gallery and kind of sneaked into one of the seating booth’s,

“Right I will get a good shot of them collecting their award from here.”

As the graduates began to line up to accept their award the person awarding the certificates moved to the right of the podium, no no no lol. She had moved into a position that meant the boys backs would be facing towards me, so I had to make do with the situation. A photograph is better than no photo at all.

Jamie Getting His Certificate

Mark Getting His Certificate

Even though I had my face stuck to a camera I could feel the big smile on my face and my heart banging with pride,

“Well Done My Boys.”

When the ceremony finished we went back downstairs to get some photos with the boys before they returned the robes and capture a moment in time that will always be remembered.

Proud Mum With Her Boys

Proud Dad (me), With My Boys

Proud Gran With Her Grandsons

Proud Granddad With His Grandsons

Proud Auntie Kay With Her Nephews

I think this last photo kind of sums up the day, how we were all feeling.

The Smile

!!! Nice one dad lol !!!

Self Portrait

August 29, 2010 2 comments

Self portraits are great photos to let people see who you really are, but the other flip of the coin is that it shows what a person see’s them self as.

By studying the photo I have posted of myself, you can have your own preconceptions of the person in the photo. So have fun with your comments.


You Can View The Full Size Picture Here

The Boy From The Black Stuff, J.B.

August 28, 2010 19 comments
John Booth 1943-2009
 John Booth was born in Glasgow 1943 and moved to England as a young man looking for a passion in life. He began work as a roofer for a local company in Stockport and for 35 years this was the trade he loved. Through a devotion to his work he provided a solid foundation for himself and family to flourish.
Stanley Grove House Roof Art (Source:Stockport News Extra)


In 1976 John’s artistic side of his personality showed through when he thought it would be a good idea to play a joke on his work mates, whom were all Manchester City fans and decide to inscribe the letters M U (Manchester United) using tiles on the roof they were working on.

News article (Source: Stockport News Extra)

The culprit remained a secret  for many years until John was reading his local newspaper and saw an article searching for the person who was responsible. He then contacted the newspaper and revealed himself as the budding artist.

All though in 1976 this was the first time Johns artistic skills had come to light in the public eye, he continued to hone his skill as a roofer. It was not until some years later, when he was recovering  from an illness that he discovered how much he enjoyed art.




” I am doing this for myself. But perhaps I’m bringing a bit of joy to the world with a bit of colour and a bit of bitumen”
John Booth
John Booth (Photo By Where will you draw the line)

one afternoon while he was in hospital, someone suggested that he should draw with some paper and pens to pass the time and from that moment on he knew what his true talent was. In the following months after leaving hospital he attended night classes in life drawing, but this was not satisfying his newly found passion and so he signed up for a full-time foundation course at Stockport College.

During a lecture in which people spoke of their obsessions John thought of “bitumen”, he liked the smell of it, he liked the feel of it and it was something he had learned to control over the 35 years as a roofer with some amount of accuracy. So with a somewhat nervous approval from the college, John brought his bitumen burner into college turned it up to 300 degrees Celsius and a new form of art was born.

He completed his course at Stockport College, achieving a distinction and the college’s Turner prize for best student then quickly set about acquiring a studio. He found his second home from home in the form of the Vernon Mill Art Studio were he was one of the first artists to set up a permanent studio, which is now home to around 43 artists situated over two  floors of the building.

Vernon Mill (Photo By A G 1)

The foundation stone of the mill was laid 31 October 1881, it was the first Limited liability cotton mill to open in Stockport. The industry peaked in 1912 when it produced 8 billion yards of cloth. The great war of 1914- 1918 halted the supply of raw cotton, and the British government encouraged its colonies to build mills to spin and weave cotton. The war over, Lancashire never regained its markets. The independent mills were struggling and the Bank of England set up the Lancashire Cotton Corporation in 1929 to attempt to rationalize and save the industry. Vernon Mill, Stockport was one of 104 mills bought by the LCC, and one of the 53 mills that survived through to 1950. It is still standing, occupied by multiple companies, and the Vernon Mill Artists (VMA).

From his studio in Vernon Mill he created somewhat of a stir in the artistic world, with exhibitions in City’s all over the UK , Ireland and Europe including private collections being held in countries like the USA, Italy, Germany, Australia, China and Spain. In 1998 was awarded the Gallery Prize by Stockport Municipal Art Gallery for production of the most original painting.

John Booth (Photo By Where will you draw the line)

” It’s quite a transformation from been a hairy arsed roofer to a student of fine arts”
John Booth

Fluttery Things By John Booth

His works have been seen at auctions up and down the UK and on a regular yearly charity auction for Ronald McDonald House in his native city of Glasgow. He would donate one of his works of art to the charity every year and the proceeds would go to help raising funds to provide family’s a temporary home close to the Yorkhill’s Sick Children’s Hospital, this enabled the family to live close to the hospital due to one of the kids being seriously ill.

John’s Q & A

Charlie Chaplin By John Booth
Q. What would be your perfect day ?
A. Painting and listening to classic FM.
Q. What is your greatest extravagance ?
A. My children and grand-children.
Q. What is the most exciting thing you have ever received through the post ?
A. A questionnaire.
Q. What’s your idea of a perfect meal ?
A. Sunday Dinner “Maggie’s cooking”.
Q. Do you have a favorite hangover cure ?
A. Don’t touch it in the first place.
Q. What Vehicle do you own ?
A. A little 7cwt van. It’s a little gem.
Q. Do you have any irrational fears ?
A. Cancer.
Q. What is the oldest item of clothing you wear?
A. A suit to funerals and weddings.
Squares 1 By John Booth
Q. Who do you love?
A. My family and some good friends.
Q. Who or what do you hate?
A. Bad drivers.
Q. What is your favourite television program ?
A. Match of the day.
Q. what is your most annoying habit ?
A. Annoying the wife.
Do You……
Believe in god ?: Yes
Believe in love at first sight ?: Yes
Know who is No1 in the charts ?: No
Support the death penalty ?: No
Understand how to work a video recorder ?: No
Sing in the bath ?: Yes
Dolphins By John Booth
” Part of what motivates me is that I hate waste. I try to use things up. We are just raping the world, and we need to slow down and go back to the drawing board “
John Booth

Unfortunately John Booth ( The Boy From The Black Stuff ) left this world for pastures greener in 2009.

John Booth, My Uncle R.I.P.

Recycling In Glasgow

August 18, 2010 5 comments

Today I got a leaflet through my letterbox from Glasgow City Council informing me that my household is to receive yet another wheel-bin, purple this time.

Now before you all start saying “It’s for the greater good of the earth” “Keep Glasgow clean” and all that stuff, I know the idea behind it is a good one but my point of this post is where does it all stop ?

As far as I know the last time I looked, rubbish and refuse collection was paid for under my council tax charge each year, but somewhere along the line they managed to squeeze in “Oh by the way, we want you to sort out all the rubbish into neat little piles for us to make our job easier” or what about this one ” Oh by the way, if you don’t do it we will have your ass up in court and fine you”.

I know exactly whats going on here !!!!, the introduction of the wheel-bin was not for the benefit of the collection workers to make their job easy, it is part of the big plan. A few years from now we will be told “That in order to cut costs there will be no more collection lorries so you will need to wheel your four wheel-bins 4 or 5 miles to the dump yourself, oh and if you don’t……. well you know what comes next, also we want more money from you”.

Q. So whats the purple bin all about ? A. Glass

They now want you to stand and remove all the lids and corks from bottles and jars !!!AND-REMEMBER!!! plastic lids go in the blue bin and all others go in the green bin, unless it is made out of grass then they would go in the brown bin, and clean them with nice fairy liquid (who’s going to pay for all the extra Fairy Liquid ?) so they are all nice and shiny for us to handle, it’s getting beyond a joke.  A couple of days ago I heard someone toot their car horn, I look over and he shouted to me “Hey mate, is this the local recycling plant”, because I don’t know about you, but my back garden is beginning to look like one with all these different colored collection points.

Seriously, Its not right that somewhere there is some person about too lose their job because the government have came up with the idea of yet another wheel-bin and get us to fill it to the specific requirements for free and then charge us more on council tax the following year.

The ironic thing is the person who got sacked from the recycling sorting plant now has a bin of their own and must do the same job for free, how cool is our government at coming up with ideas to screw us over.

So like I said ” Where does it all stop ?”.

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